Friday, November 7, 2008


I know there is a lot of controversy about moms who get together and have a few drinks while their kids party it up. I used to have some strong feelings against this practice until today...

We had the Campbell tribe over for a bonus room play date. Kate & Claire (age 3), Jackson (age 5) plus my 2 equaled 47 kids. Hmmmm, 3+2=5...oh wait, it felt and sounded like 47 kids. Due to Shannon's part time work schedule the afternoon worked a little better for her so I had the bright idea of postponing my kids' naps by about 2 hours. This was a bad idea, perhaps one of the worst ideas I've ever had. I am, however, a slow learner so next time we get together and I postpone naps (because "it won't be like last time") we won't mind the fighting, arguing and hair pulling because the drone of the blender will drown them out.