Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mommy's Musings:
Pioneer Woman, Where Have You Been All My Life?

My new friend Kim, who is not-so-secretly stalking me, turned me on to the Pioneer Woman's blog and it is a HOOT! You just have to check it out at I'd like to continue living in this lie I've created that Bug and myself have the best blogs out there but Pioneer Woman, Ree, has got us both beat. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but she's got great posts on cooking, photography, gardening and just about everything else AND she calls her husband, "Marlboro Man". Love it!

So don't fall so in love with her blog you stop coming to mine but do check it out because its great, funny stuff.

Jen's thought for the day: everyone needs a stalker. New friend Kim is mine and I'm Ree's. Who is stalking you (if you know they must not be very good at Kim) and who are you stalking? Hopefully its not Kevin Bacon because that can only lead to heartache and potentially jail time. Trust me.

Everybody cut footloose. -JH


Chris, Stephanie & Brayden said...

I love but she doesn't update it that much and that makes me sad! When I first found it though I was on there foreverrrr!!

Anonymous said...

You have to try the Marlboro Man Sandwich and the Apple Dumplings from her site. OH MY!! That's some gooooood stuff (all infused with butter, of course).

Meme from Bama

Dena said...

you're my new 'pioneer woman' and i think i'm stalking you.

now have footloose song stuck in my head, thanks.