Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mommy's Musings: Call Me Paranoid, but... is watching my every move. Mine and Samuel's. I think they are in the house, most likely in our car as well. Tomorrow I will begin a thorough search for "bugs".

I got online today, specifically, to buy a preschool daily devotional for a Christmas present for Samuel. When I got there I read the typical welcome message and then these words: "Our recommendation for you, Jennifer Henderson:"

So, either they have infiltrated the house or the word is out on Samuel. Hmm. Bug says they make these recommendations based on recent purchases but I don't know how or why "How to Make Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours" or "Grace-Based Parenting" would tip anybody off that I need a book about a strong-willed child.

On a side note:
Dear Samuel's Future Wife,
Samuel's "difficult" qualities that I'm dealing with now are going to be what make a him a wonderful husband and spiritual leader someday. Don't give up on him. You are my only hope he will move out some day so please, don't give up on him!
Your Future Mother-in-Law (who doesn't mean to be so controlling and will try really hard to stop calling so much. By the way, that spaghetti sauce was a little watery and could have used a touch more garlic.)

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