Monday, December 1, 2008

Mommy's Musings: Captain Christmas Jr.
Everyone is always saying how much Samuel is like me; usually the context is Samuel's wacky emotional outbursts however tonight I saw a side of him that is like me that made me smile instead of cringe. I love Christmas: I always have and hence my dear friend, Traci Piltz, years ago dubbed me "Captain Christmas". The name stuck and Hot Jeff now uses the term endearingly each year when I'm barking orders about lights, wreaths and garland.

Tonight Samuel and I ran to Fred Meyer after the sun had already set; it was his first time being out after dark since everyone has begun putting their lights up and he was in awe!! At each turn of the car new glimmering lights would come into view and he would exclaim, "Wow; more Christmas lights!" I took him by a local house that's known for its lights and he giggled with glee at the snowflakes dangling from the trees and the icicle lights that hung from every peak; as we drove off he said, "Mama, I love Christmas lights; they so bee-u-tiful". And if that doesn't make you smile, after leaving Freddy's he asked me if we could listen to "Santa songs" in the car.

So on the way home we sang along with the radio, oohed and awed over lights and my heart felt like it might just burst open with joy; for my sweet little Samuel is a Captain Christmas kindred spirit.

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Dena said...

so sweet, makes me feel bad for being such a captain christmas scrooge every year.