Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You'd Have to See It to Believe It

My friend, Al, once took a picture of his really good parking space at Costco. It was such a once in a lifetime event he decided to document it and email it to all of his friends, like a UFO sighting.

My love seat is right off the laundry room and consequently where all my clean laundry gets heaped, sorted, folded and waits for me to take it upstairs to be put away. Sometimes its there for days, sometimes weeks. More than once we've been known to just grab clean clothes out of the piles rather than going upstairs. Ok, more than once; my kids don't even know they have sock drawers.

Here is a picture I took tonight, an event so rare in my house that it warranted a picture: the loveseat void of laundry. I bet when my kids wake up in the morning they'll think they are in the wrong house. OR that the laundry fairy that I pray to finally appeared...

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Annie said...

I am sure that this will elicit the knowing chuckles of many, many parents out there! oh, if only you had a live in Annie! :)