Friday, March 27, 2009

The Bright Side: A Different Look at Monday's PYKM

I've received a fair amount of feedback this week regarding Monday's PYKM where I shamefully admitted I yell at my kids. Many of you were honest and brave enough to email, call or Facebook me and say you do the same and wish you didn't and what can you do and you too think you're screwing your kid up for life.

Tonight I was laying (lying?) in bed and couldn't sleep. I was thinking about all of it and some different ideas regarding yelling at my kids came to mind. Like this one: somewhere out there are moms who don't yell at their kids. Some of those kids are going to grow up and be successful therapists; it is our job to keep them in practice by giving our kids something to talk to them about.

Another thought: someday when our kids go on Oprah and talk about why they can't keep a job, or why they still live at home, or why they still wet the bed they will blame it on us. Instead of taking it personally lets all get together, mix up some Bloody Marys and talk about how much weight Oprah has gained.

Finally, and quite really my favorite, I get super good and famous because I write a book called, 'Stop Crying'. And other loving things my mother told me that made me into the professional online gamer I am today. I'll write it from Samuel's perspective like I do those clever little posts where he has underwear on his head.

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Dena said...

PERFECT!!!!! i'll bring the bloody mary mix.