Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversations with a 3 Year Old
Tonight while Samuel and Emily were in the bath Hot Jeff took a shower because he's starting to feel achy like the rest of us. Samuel knew this was a little out of the ordinary and here is the transcript of the conversation that followed:
S: Why is Daddy takin' a shower?
M: Daddy is feeling achy and the warm water will help.
S: Why is Daddy feeling icky?
M: Not icky, achy.
S: Icky?
M: No, achy. Like 'aches and pains'. Not icky like 'eew'.
S: Is he going to the paint store when he gets out of the shower?
M: Huh?
S: Icks and paint. Is Daddy going to the paint store?
M: No, not paint. Pain. Like "owie" I have a pain and need some tylenol.
S: I want some tylenol. Tylenol is purple. Paint is purple.
M: Yes, paint and tylenol are purple.
S: Why is Daddy takin' a shower?

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Fruitful Labor said...

okay, that's really funny.

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