Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Childhood Truths
by Samuel

The Bedtime Trump
Mom and Dad call them stall tactics; I call them necessities. After we read our devotion and say our prayers they turn out the light and say 'goodnight'. At about that same time I decide I need a drink of water. They always say I've already had water. Then I remember I need to brush my teeth. They say I've already brushed my teeth. Then I tell them I need to call Nana. They say Nana is in bed. They have left me no choice. It is time for the bedtime trump: I have to go pee. Silence. Long pause. Unison sighs. "Fine, hurry up and go pee" one of them says while the other one rolls their eyes. Aha, ha, ha. Works everytime. Suckers.


Peggy said...

That is so funny...and so true! Zavion does the same thing. Little stinker knows he'll get us every time with that one! LOL!

Dena said...

oh my gosh, SO TRUE, the little rats!