Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Screwed
It has become increasingly clear that Samuel is ready to dump his nap. At night, at his regular bedtime, he's seemingly not tired, he has a really hard time falling asleep and doesn't fall into a sound sleep for several hours. If he doesn't take a nap he gets pretty pissy by bedtime and so we've kept pushing the afternoon nap. Well today he just WOULD NOT nap. He played and played in his room and when I let him come downstairs he was happy and obedient. He had a great afternoon and wasn't a total crabby freak by the time bedtime rolled around. After reading and prayers he was out within 5 minutes...

Jeff and I discussed it during time outs of the Blazer and Beaver games and decided we'll try it for a couple of days and see how he does. Wow, my baby has grown out of his naps. Jeff asked me when I was going to grow out of my naps. I answered him with drooped shoulders and a sullen voice, "I think I just did."

Laugh all you want to. This effects you too. Without a nap there is no way I can stay up until 1:00am blogging. I will have to go to bed at a decent time like the rest of civilized America. Once again, these kids are seriously cramping my style. Today on Facebook I accused them of trying to sabotage my detox. And my sex life. And my social life. And my reality tv watching time. My friend DW remarked I should watch myself because they sound a lot like Republicans. Wouldn't that just serve me right?

*This picture has nothing to do with nap times or Republicans but it just cracks me up.

Note to Jeff: if you ever come home some afternoon and the kids are eating M&M's, watching MTV and I'm no where to be found you should check in the toy box first. Most likely they will have gagged, bound and duct taped me in there.


Dena said...

see, to me, this is a state of emergency. i will pray for you, i will put you on the prayer chain. this makes me sad. this gives me immense anxiety. sleep is good. i love sleep.

Chris, Stephanie & Brayden said...

Seriously, this is the SAME thing that is happening at our house! Problem is he still wants his naps and sleeps! I'm starting wake him up after 2 hours instead of his beloved 4 hours! Still, at bedtime he is nowhere near tired and lays in bed and talks until like 11pm-midnight! I hope this isn't in our NEAR future! I took naps up until kindergarten! What is up??!!

Peggy said...

We had to cut Zavion off of naps at about 2 1/2. With afternoon naps, he just wouldn't go to sleep before 11. Ugh! So, I put up with a little evening crankiness, but at least I get my nighttime TV watching. *Sigh*