Sunday, April 12, 2009

Samuel Turns Three
Mom rarely takes me serious. Like when I tell her I want candy for breakfast: not taken seriously. When I tell her I can't like naptimes anymore: not taken seriously. However...when I told her I wanted a "Cars" birthday party: serious. Sweeeeet!

Lookin' so cute in my Lightning shirt from Nana,
Mater hat and Cars birthday banner.

Kate told her mama she wants to marry me.
I say lose the 'stache and trim up those brows and we'll talk.

Plates were merely a technicality...
We ate birthday cake like savages and the way God intended:
straight off the tray with our forks and fingers.
Wheels. Yes! Now that's what I call being taken serious!


Traci P. said...

Piltz love, love, loves Samuel's cake. Hooie!

Dena said...

so sweeeeet! happy birthday, little samuel.