Sunday, May 10, 2009

Even though I pray in faith, I'm still always surprised when God just lays an answered prayer in my lap. The morning the kids and I flew out of Portland Jeff and I prayed, as we always do before I fly by myself with the midgets, that God would grant us safety and that He would put someone on our flight that would show us kindness and help me with the ridiculous amount of crap that a mother flying with two kids has (stroller, carry on, car seat, 2 kids).

As we walked to our gate Samuel was carrying his own carry on, a Lightning McQueen bag on wheels, and a guy walked by and commented, "Sweet bag. I'm a Mater fan". Samuel smiled shyly and I said thanks. We followed close behind him all the way to our gate where he stopped also. While there he commented on how cute the kids were, asked where we were headed and made small talk. As we began to board he grabbed the car seat and said kindly, "I'll stick with you and help. We parents have to stick together". He was my guardian angel; I knew He had been sent by my loving Father. My husband, who had gotten a guest pass to help us to the gate, left relieved knowing we were in good hands.

Steve, as I found out was his name, moved seats so he could be in the empty one across the aisle from us. He helped me the whole flight to Seattle and we spoke easily and freely; he was going through a painful divorce and had a 5 year old son caught in the middle, his heart was still mending. As our plane touched down in Seattle he promised to stay with us until we got on our final flight to Billings and he did. He watched our stuff while we made a bathroom stop and went to the desk at our gate and requested assistance for me as I boarded in Seattle and arrived in Billings. As the overhead voice announced it was time for us to board I hugged Steve and told him my husband and I had prayed for the kindness of a stranger and that he was the answer to our prayer. He smiled humbly and said he was so glad he could be that person.

I'm humbled by Steve's kindness and selflessness and thankful for God's protection, help and earthly angels.


Mullenbachs said...

It's so amazing that God cares about even the small things in our life. Every care of ours matters to Him. Cool story!

Leah said...

I love that story!