Monday, May 4, 2009


Tuesdays with Traci is no longer going to be a part of this blog. Bug and I have had a massive, blow out fight and probably will never speak again. No, I'm just kidding. Traci is taking a blogging break, read about it here. Traci is such a fun writer and I'm sure you'll all miss her; drop her a note on the comment section of her blog to let her know what her posts meant to you.

So now you're stuck with me...
unless I can find some other poor sucker to guest blog on here. Any takers?

I am continuously moved by the lessons God teaches me through my children. If I will have a tender heart and allow my mind to quiet, He teaches me great things about Himself in the quiet moments with my little ones. I've journaled about some of those encounters and would love to share some of them with you sometime. The most fresh on my mind is the one that happened tonight.

First, let me take you back almost 2 years ago when Jen Roth, (my sensei) was speaking at one of the first general sessions of Hearts in the 2008 year. She was telling the story of her daughter Abby crying at her feet, longing to be held while Jen was trying to get dinner made for the rest of the family. While continuing with dinner she prayed over Abby that the Holy Spirit would comfort Abby and that Abby would learn to depend on the comfort of the Spirit in her times of need.

Fast forward to this weekend's sermon...youth pastor Brian Condello preached and spoke about using our words to bless others. He mentioned how important it is that we speak blessing over our children (it was a great sermon and I am NOT doing it justice here. Sorry.)

Sooooo....tonight Samuel was having a hard time going to sleep. He really wanted me to lay with him (not gonna happen) and then he wanted me to go to bed so I would be upstairs with him (also not gonna happen). I felt myself being really annoyed with him; I wanted to yell and threaten but I remembered Jen and Brian's words and felt God telling me to speak blessing over Samuel and to pray for him. I sat on his bed and hugged him tightly, I whispered in his ear, "Lord, please pour Your Spirit out on Samuel right now. You are Jehovah Shalom and so I pray Your blessing of peace on Samuel right now. May he feel Your presence in his room and in his heart as he rests tonight. Thank You for loving Samuel. Amen."

He whispered "amen", stuck his thumb in and nestled down in the covers. Jeff and I are now downstairs hanging out and I haven't heard a peep out of him. Thank You Jehovah Shalom, You are faithful.


kim said...

jen- thank you for that! i have been irritated at my 2 littlest girls at bedtime for wanting this and wanting that and what i need to do is pray for them and ask god to pour out his peace and comfort on them. this blog is a blessing, i hope you know that!! love ya!

Dena said...

loved this, and yes those quiet little prayers do wonders. He is so good.

Jennifer said...