Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonight while in the shower I was reading the back of the shower gel can (stall tactic) and, I'm not kidding you, it read, "After lathering generously, shave with a clean razor...". Ok seriously, I know this is the generic brand of Skintimate but what kind of people do they think are buying this stuff: crack-whore-drug-addicts? Who is shaving with a dirty razor?

"Let's see, how do I use this mysterious shave gel? I better read the directions. 'Wet the area'--check. 'Lather generously'-- check, check. 'Clean razor'--clean razor? Dammit! Honey, (she yells from the shower) put that beer down and bring me a clean razor, I think there's one out in the truck. I don't care if COPS is on, I'm all lathered up..."


Amber said...

I'm visiting via Jenn...she said that you guys are old friends.

This kind of stuff cracks me up. I also like the "Don't dry your hair in the shower" sticker that is on my blowdryer.

Glad to "meet" ya!

Traci P. said...

I just bought my friend Nancy a bottle of wine and the label is MAD HOUSEWIFE. It has a hysterical picture of a stressed-out 1950s style housewife on the label. I think you should reshoot your sewing machine picture with a bottle of Mad Housewife on the side.

Here's what the back of the bottle reads: Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room. Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys. This is your time. Time to enjoy a moment to yourself. A moment without madness. The dishes can wait. Dinner be damned.