Sunday, June 7, 2009

PYKM-- Joy

This week we'll be continuing our prayers for children and the fruit of the Spirit; this week we're concentrating on joy. Interestingly, our society doesn't make much differentiation between joy and happiness and seems to be in constant pursuit of happiness. However, if we look at this passage joy, not happiness, is listed as a fruit of the Spirit hence we can infer that true joy can come only from the Holy Spirit.

Like last week, I'll will expound on this thought in tomorrow's post but for tonight and for praying for our children let's remember that Biblical joy, true joy, is inseparable from God and His Holy Spirit.

God of joy, please help _________ to know Your joy that comes from a personal and deepening relationship with You. I pray that even in dark times he will have a joy that is rooted in You and he will draw strength from Your Spirit. Amen.

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