Monday, July 13, 2009

Well Hot Jeff and I have decided to go and get all Little House on the Prairie on you. We got rid of our cable (AND free TV too). I wish I could tell you it is because of moral reasons but it really isn't. When I tell you how the whole thing started it will appear to be heading down the road of moral reasons but it isn't so don't get your hopes up.

Last week I was discussing with a group of girlfriends on Facebook whether or not Miley Cyrus is a tramp. You know, just your typical Facebook conversation. Portland BFF Leah commented, in passing, that she and her husband didn't have a TV FOR FIVE YEARS. Well that changed my thinking from whether or not M. Cyrus was a tramp or not to what would it be like in our house with no TV? We love TV. I mean LOVE TV. We put the kids down and we are all about whatever crap is on. And in the Fall when all the good shows come on...well, there's just no question where we'll be after 8:00. We've tried the whole lets-just-watch-less-TV-and-read-more-thing but that just never works for us because the television has a great and strong power over us.

So we're sitting around on Saturday morning playing with the midgets, reading the paper, not watching TV and I say to Hot Jeff, "Hey, let's get rid of our TV" and without blinking an eye he says, "Ok". Now I know I have red hot persuasion power over Hot Jeff but even this astounded me. So we called the cable company (and we'll save $80 a month!!!) and started the no TV journey.

Now I gotta tell you, just so you know, we STILL have the TV. We're keeping it so we can watch videos. We spent all day Sunday debating just getting rid of the whole darn thing but decided it will be nice to have if we EVER GET A BABYSITTER and have a date night. Its also nice when the midgets go ape crazy and the only thing you can do to keep yourself from killing them is to put them in front The Wiggles (and then you just want to kill yourself).

I think Hot Jeff's hopes are really up because he commented that he thinks its a good thing he got the vasectomy (oh yes I did just go there) but I actually think I'll also probably spend a lot of my time blogging (lucky you), reading, studying and churning my own butter. Please someone step in and do an intervention if I start using Opal Francis to sew my children's clothes. Can't you just see Hot Jeff going to work in a stunning new shirt with a tag sewn in it that says, "Handmade with Love"?


Jen Roth said...
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Jen Roth said...

So, it's 11:24 pm and I'm a ditz. I had a typo, saw a garbage can, and deleted my post so I could fix it. But then I saw this message about "this post has been deleted. . . ." like it's a big deal or something. Anyway, here's the comment, with way more attention than it's worth!!! :)

You are cracking me up!! Yes, I'm laughing aloud as I type! And, a big "Way to go!!!" to you. I think you know I'm an almost 11 year no TV veteran - and I don't ever want to go back. I love our TVless existence. Yes, our computer plays DVDs and my kids watch movies on days when we're stir crazy!! So, I'm not a saint, just someone who has to find another way to fill her spare time.

Love you - Jen :)

Mullenbachs said...

We haven't watched TV in a couple of weeks now because we don't have reception anymore. We've talked about getting some new fandangled antenna but they're so big and so ugly. Anyway, nothing has happened to resolve the matter and I can't say that I really miss it much. I'm a little bummed about missing So You Think You Can Dance. But I'm surviving.

Rafferty Family said...

We went without a tv for the first year of our marriage and we loved it!!! We talked so much more than we do now. Granted we didn't have kiddos back then so our situations are different but I loved that first year without the tv. I think you'll really find that it brings you guys closer together.

I can't give you any butter churning tips but I can shed some light if you ever want to start canning your own veggies and jam. :)

Laura Ingalls Wannabe