Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes I have had a sinus infection but the reason why I haven't been blogging isn't because of that. I haven't been blogging because I have been so busy answering questions. Samuel's questions. From the mundane to the brilliant here are is a list of some of the questions I've been answering lately.

  • Mama, why does Daddy go to work?
  • Mama, why do we go outside?
  • Mama, why is our car silver?
  • Mama, why is our house brown?
  • Mama, why can't I see God?
  • Mama, why does the sun come in windows?
  • Mama, why is Emmy a girl?
  • Mama, why is Nana living far away?
  • Mama, why does Abigail wear big girl panties?
  • Mama, why is Hailey a cat?
  • Mama, why do you cook on a stove?

Seriously...from the minute I wake up in the morning to the minute I put him to bed, I hear Samuel's little questions. I always answer them but sometimes its through gritted teeth. :) Today we were coming home from the grocery store and he was firing questions at me and after I answered the last one I said, "Samuel, can we have some quiet time and can you please not ask me any questions until we get home?" Samuel's response: "Mama, why don't you want me to ask you questions?".

You can't make that stuff up.


Jen Roth said...

I'm smiling!! Our worlds are seriously similar right now!!

Jen :)

Fruitful Labor said...

Ha! Love that last question.

Last night I got: Why don't Jelly Fish like jelly?

They're wheels are always going at top speed aren't they!!

Traci P. said...

Man, that is funny. Jonah's latest is to do these comparison things. Such as "Would you rather be a cow or a horse?", "Would you rather be a car or a truck?" and he'll ask them over and over and and over over again on our way to school. :)

Amber said...

Howdy!! Just popping over via Jennifer.

You aren't kidding about the questions. You're a much better mother than I. After being asked twelvity hundred and fifty-two times a day why SpongeBob wears pants but Squidwerd doesn't or why God made hair...I just start shrugging my shoulders and saying stuff like, "Blue." Or "porkchops."

Excellent parental unit, I am.