Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I called all around today and no one is accepting donations of 3 year olds. You can be paid for your plasma but no one, and I mean no one, will take a 3 year old off your hands. And so much for science; they will take 2 year olds and they will take 4 year olds but gave me a firm "not on your life" when I said he was potty trained and came with his own scooter.

Only 8 more months until he's 4. And so help me...if things don't change when he turns 4 then EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO PROMISED ME it gets better when they turn 4 better watch out because I will have a score to settle.


Christy said...

I believe its important to be honest, I have an older brother and I love him dearly. But things for my Mom didn't get better for a long long time. He is a wonderful, Godly man, married, father, and awesome brother. My late Grandfather use to say that it was my Mom's job to humanize him, but I'm not sure that completely happened until he met his wonderful wife. Next year he starts seminary. You can only do so much as a mother.
You are a wonderful, outstanding, loving, and caring mother and your children are so lucky to have you!!

Anonymous said...

Jen: I love you and I need to be honest, as far as I can tell it doesn't get better when they turn 4. They just get smarter, heaven help us... sorry to be a downer. - Cary PS seriously, who told you that?

Jen Roth said...

I have to agree with Cary - who told you that? I've heard that the parenting skills you learn at 4 are the same ones that will help you parent a teenager. So, roll up your sleeves girl, you've got to keep in the game!!

And by the way - I seriously pulled my hair out when Josiah was three, and laughed it off when Titus was three. So, it may not get better because Samuel improves, but undoubtedly, you will learn some tricks and it will get better because you improve!!

Love you - hang in there - Jen :)

Sara Kane said...

All I can say is keep taking notes lady because some day when I have a boy or Maya turns into an even fiestier lady I will look your direction for answers!!!! Also...margaritas...right?

Amber said...

They aren't taking 9, 7, or 5 year olds in the Arkansas area either.

I checked.

I'll call back and check about 3 year olds. If I find someone, then you can FedEx him here, and I'll drop him off.

You're welcome.

Laurie VR said...

All I can say is, ship him to his Nana!(We Nana's even take little boys C.O.D.!!)
Laurie VR

Jennifer said...

I agree with one of the other commenters...it doesn't get easier, they just get smarter!!

Somedays I would love to put mine on a rocket ship and send him to the moon!!