Thursday, September 10, 2009

Max Lucado’s “Fearless” reads like part guide and part exhortation. In Lucado’s newest book he masterfully weaves Scripture, stories and teaching to guide his reader to a place of living life without fear.

In the short and easy read of 180 pages, Lucado touches on spiritual fear (fear of disappointing God and fear that God isn’t real) to the very practical and daily fears of not protecting our children, violence, bad health and death. With poetic ease Lucado uses God’s Word to outline how to overcome these fears without ever diminishing the fact that they are indeed real fears.

Like Lucado’s other books, his voice comes through clearly and instead of reading a book you feel as though you are in his sanctuary listening to him teach from the pulpit. In the first chapter of the book when he thoughtfully and honestly writes of his late brother you feel as if you’re in a coffee shop listening to a friend share intimate thoughts on a person you both loved.

It is a compelling read with each chapter speaking to the heart of a person’s existence asking, “Am I wasting my life fearing things I have no power over or am I resting in God’s peace”?

Despite tackling many of life’s circumstances that cause gripping fear “Fearless” is like a cup of joy. Lucado assures his reader there is a better alternative and he backs it up with timeless Scripture references that are as relevant today as when they were written.

For those who are gripped by fear and for those who hardly struggle at all, I highly recommend Max Lucado’s “Fearless”.

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