Sunday, September 13, 2009


Most of you know when I am at my Mom's house it is hard for me to blog because her computer is in her office and Roo's porta-crib is set up in the office. My best blogging time is at night, hence, not a lot of blogging done while I'm at Mom's house. Tonight I am blogging before Emily goes to bed but she's whiny and on my lap so I'm keeping it short. Every word I type I have to delete two made up words that she has typed. Its a long process.

I want us to be praying for our kids' salvation this week. I had some good Scripture references and thoughts to write out but you're going to get the condensed-just-a-prayer version for above said reasons.

If your kids already know Christ as their Savior, spend the time this week praying for their friends or family members who might not. Pray your children will be a light that shines and points others to Christ.

Lord, thank You for sending Your Son to be my Redeemer. I pray for _________ that she will come to know You as the Lord of her life at an early age. I pray she will hear Your Spirit's call at an early age and live a long life fully devoted to You. Amen.

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