Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Text I Sent Jeff This Morning From Upstairs on My Death Bed

"Call Costco. See if they sell caskets. It will be easier for you if they do because then you get some flowers and all the food for the reception following my funeral".


Sarah Dawn said...

Oh the joys of Costco, not for caskets :) but for everything else. As we pack to move back to the US, some beauty awaits (my boys will love learning about the joys of Costco samples).

Blessings from a Costcoless land,
Sarah Dawn

Amber said...

Costco doesn't exist in Arkansas...because apparently we live in the freakin' middle of nowhere. No IKEA either...which I hear I am missing out on. gone it...we have WalMart.

Feel better.

Maria said...

FYI...Costco does sell caskets. You can look at them at I wonder what the shipping cost of a casket would be. :o) I certainly hope you don't need one. Get well.

Mullenbachs said...

Did you go to a meeting last night?? Maybe someone put something in your coffee. :)