Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 40th Babe!

Today is Hot Jeff's birthday and not just any birthday but his 40th birthday! Remember when 40 sounded old? 40 no longer scares me; when I look at Jeff and see his health, vibrancy, maturity I think 40 rocks! To honor Jeff on his birthday I am making a list of reasons why I love him. Feel free to make a gagging gesture and roll your eyes but its my blog and that's how I roll!

1. He's dead sexy.
2. He loves Jesus.
3. He's a great daddy.
4. He's loyal.
5. He makes me laugh. Really hard. All the time.
6. He works so hard so that I can stay home with the midgets.
7. He's a great balance to me.
8. He thinks I'm funny. And for the record I love anybody who thinks I'm funny.
9. He genuinely loves the Niles clan.
10. He unloads the dishwasher.
11. He's generous.
12. He's always trying to better himself.
13. He prays with his kids.
14. He reads books to his kids every night.
15. He's a partner.
16. He's spontaneous.
17. He's fiercely protective over me and the midgets.
18. The kids and I are his favorite people and he tells us that regularly.
19. He learns from his mistakes.
20. He's not afraid to cry.

I love you, Jeff. Here's to 40 more!


Amber said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!

Glad that you guys had such a great weekend away!!

kim w. said...

happy birthday!!
jen, you are so sweet!

Chris, Stephanie & Brayden said...

That is sooo sweet...neat to read b/c that list is totally something a young girl would make for things she'd be looking for in a husband! You got it girl! <3