Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Jeff's Best Quote EVER

I have started this post over 3 times now because I can't find the perfect way to start it. There is really no "perfect" way to start other than just saying it: in 1989 Hot Jeff was in a Bon Jovi video.

Ok ladies, gather yourselves and come on back.

I don't exactly remember when or how Hot Jeff told me this but I know it had to be a while ago because it took me hours of scouring the internet to find a VHS copy and I spent a small fortune buying it and then having it shipped to me from some unofficial Bon Jovi fan site on the East Coast and now you can find a copy of it in a matter of seconds and pay more to ship it than to buy it. Or...you can just see it on YouTube or Singing Fool. Now, just wait...don't get all antsy, I will post the link in a minute. First, you must see this, the still frame:

Um, yes, that is Jeff on the right. And yes, he is shirtless. And yes, he has a mullet.

So the other night we were laying in bed watching "The Office" on Ruby and after it was over we were looking at some funny stuff on YouTube. That's when Hot Jeff pulled up the infamous Bon Jovi video that we hadn't seen in years and years and that's when he said, (you've waited so patiently, just one second more...here it comes...) "How many senior tax auditors do you think there are out there that have been in a Bon Jovi video and made a movie with Kevin Bacon all in the same year?"

And at that very moment all I could do was snort but if I could have uttered words they would have been these, "If being an unrecognizable extra in a bar scene is 'making a movie with Kevin Bacon' then yes, 1989 was a very big year for you".

Here's the link, you sorry sack of groupies you. http://www.singingfool.com/Title.aspx?publishedid=307217 In the left corner there is a counter, Jeff's "scene" are seconds 35-40; that what's-his-name-Jon pretty much hogs the rest of the video.


Amber said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Hot Jeff really gets around!!
But not in that dirty sleazy dirtbag way. Or maybe it is....him having had a mullet and all.

kim w. said...

wow, you are married to one really awesome guy!!!!

Dena said...

wow, no wonder you call him 'hot jeff'. you lucky, lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that I have never heard this story before. Totally made my day! When are you and Jeff taking the plunge?