Sunday, November 8, 2009


I gotta be honest, I have about 862,391 things to do tonight before I go to bed. Its 8:20 and my brain absolutely will not work one minute longer (well at least as far as writing is concerned).

One of my favorite things to do is make others do the "work". So here's what we're gonna do: you're gonna write the prayer this week. You're gonna go to the comment section and write a 2 or 3 sentence prayer for your kid and as we all come to this site we'll read the comment and pray for your kid and make it our prayer for ours as well.

If you don't have an account, leave the comment under "Anonymous" but be sure and write your name. Unless you're praying for your kid to stop smacking around a neighbor kid and don't want us to know its your kid; then feel free to keep it anonymous. We'll pray for you just the same.

Don't you just love delegating?


Della said...

Pray for you children's hearts to never stray from their spouse. Pray for you child's spouses heart to never stray from your child. The split of marriage is something God hates and in our world today marriage is a causual committment. The pain for all involved, but for the kids is unbearable. Mom

kim said...

ooohhh i like della's!! that will be mine too!

Rachel T. said...

It's not Monday, but here you go.

Dear Lord, please pray for my little Benjamin. The craziness of our family life the past week or so is taking a toll on his little spirit. Help him to find peace in you. Amen.

Anonymous said...

ok, I didn't read your blog the other day, but I must have sensed it. I took Olivia the other day and held her and took a few minutes just praying over her. here is my prayer to the best of my memory (simpilfied) Dear Heavanly Father, I pray that you put your arms around Olivia, and that you give her the peace that surpasses all understanding. That You take away her frusterations, and anger. That you guide her to be a happy child. Lord thank you for sending olivia and putting her in my care. Lord, i know I have not had her officially dedicated to you , but I know she's yours and I lift her up to you. I ask that you help me to raise her into the person you want her to be. I ask this in your name, amen.