Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today has the potential to kill my husband. I have called my State Farm agent and made sure his life insurance is up to date and paid because, today has the potential to kill my husband.

I married in to a long line of Beaver believing crazies. And to you non-Oregonians the Beaver is the Oregon State University mascot and the animal to which we have placed all our hopes and dreams on today.

Today is the 113th Civil War; the rival game between the Beavers (good guys) and the Ducks (bad guys). Any Civil War game gets Hot Jeff's blood pumping but this one is special. This one is for roses. Yep, the winner of this game goes to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. No BCS baloney, no selection Sunday, no waiting...the winner just goes to the Rose Bowl and plays on New Years Day. Giddyup.

We've been season ticket holders for umpteen years and we love going to the games and cheering on our boys in black and orange but this year the game is being played at the University of Oregon and Hot Jeff has vowed to never step foot on their campus (he plugs his nose when he drives through the town) so alas we are watching the game on TV. And since we've gone all Little House on the Prairie we are going to watch it with the other Henderson crazies up at Jeff's sister's house.

So yes, today has the potential to kill my husband. He may either die of joy or die of disappointment. If he keeps up the pace he's gone all week leading up to the game he may die before it even gets started out of sheer giddiness. I made a conscious decision to stop praying for football 4 years ago; not because I thought it was wrong but because I thought it was pointless since God is a Beaver fan. Anyway, I digress, I don't pray for football but I will be praying for Hot Jeff because seriously that man is just one field goal attempt away from a heart attack.

Go Beavs.


Christy said...

Tim says we have two favorite teams, the Beavers and whoever is playing the ducks!! Hahahahaha Go Beavs!!!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope Jeff is alright!

Stephanie Rodea said...

Hope he's still alive!

Peggy said...

Oh no...did he make it? I haven't seen any emergency vehicles, so I'm guessing he persevered. Thought about 'donating' some Ducks paraphernalia to your yard when we got back, but we were just too worn out from the amazingly-awesome-spectacular-splendiferous game. ;)