Friday, February 19, 2010

If It Sounds To Good To Be True...

It probably is. Ugh. I am so glad my husband doesn't read this blog very often because I'm about to tell a very embarrassing story about myself and if he knew I did this (which he never will because you will NOT tell him when you see him, right) he would just laugh and laugh and then make fun of me for a good week. And I probably would get a lecture out of it. Hot Jeff is a lecturer. Ask Samuel.

So Hot Jeff went to a basketball game tonight leaving me home alone with the kiddos during dinner and evening insanity. So to make it a little more fun (for myself) I made them baloney sandwiches and myself a rockin' chicken stir fry.

While I was fryin' up my stir fry I was listening to the radio. It was set to a Christian radio station so when I heard the following commercial I figured it had to be legit. Right?? Mmm, no.

The commercial said call this toll free number and get $1000 worth of grocery vouchers. You can spend it on any kind of food, any brand at any store. I know, right? You'd think I would know better. The commercial said they were doing "market research" and if you call and answer a couple of questions you then get your vouchers. Sweet.

I sprinted to the phone. No lie. Sprinted.

Because I was born yesterday.

The conversation starts out as expected. He asks my first name. Then asks how much I spend on groceries per week and where is my favorite grocery store to shop. Then he asked for my address so he could mail my $1000 worth of grocery vouchers out.

Before I gave him my address I asked sheepishly, "So I'm sure you get this a lot but what is the catch?" "No catch Ma'am". I push a little harder, "There has to be a catch. Why would you be giving out $1000 in grocery vouchers?"

At this point he got super testy with me! He says all snippy like, "As the ad said, its market research". Long pause... "Now, I'm going to need your credit card number to pay for the $4.95 shipping cost".

Yep. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

I say in a totally sincere tone, "I am so sorry I have wasted you time; I'm not willing to give you my credit card number".

His tone goes from snippy to rude and he asks, "How did you expect to have the vouchers sent to you?" To which I tell him, "I don't know, I guess I didn't think about it".

I would like to tell you there was further conversation but all I heard on the other end was silence. He had hung up on me!! Can you believe that? Not only was he a scammer but he was a rude scammer!

Ok, its true. I have no proof this is a scam. I have no proof that guy is a lying sack of crap who beats his wife. I do however have really good instincts.

Sometimes they just take a few minutes and some stranger asking me for my credit card number to kick in.

Dang it. I hate it when that happens.

Don't tell Hot Jeff.


Joy for the Seasons said...

You should call that Christian radio station and tell them they need to advertise "the catch"! Glad you can laugh at yourself...which you must be doing or else you would not have posted this. :)

Amber said...

Do you know how happy this story makes me? Like ecstatically happy.

Because I am the IBLE on the back side of the GULL.

You could spin me a story about how elephants lay eggs that hatch kangaroos, and I would totally believe you.

Heather said...

didn't you feed your kids baloney sandwiches last night for dinner?

Heather said...

oh wait...that was last night...hahaha

Jennifer said...

I totally would have sprinted to the phone, and totally called the number, and totally gone a step further and given him my credit card number!!

jessica said...

He probably IS a lying sack of crap that beats his wife! You did way better than me, girl. Unfortunately, I probably would have given my card number!