Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last Friday I flew to Montana to pull off and attend the long-awaited surprise party for my Mom. I have been planning her party since November and long at last it was time to finally board the plane and GO!

I was not traveling with the kids and had no idea how delightful TRAVELING WITHOUT CHILDREN could be. Seriously, I called Jeff after making it through security without sweating or crying and told him if he ever wanted to do something nice for me to just send me to the airport for the day to drink coffee and people watch. It was splendid.

When I started planning her party I knew I wanted it to be a big bash. I've attended a lot of funerals in my day (like an odd amount of funerals) and some have been lame and some have been beautiful. I always leave the beautiful ones thinking how sad it was the dead person didn't get to be there to hear all the kind words, to see the people who came out of the woodwork to pay respects and sit through their slideshow. You see, I'm convinced that no good funeral is complete without a slideshow set to music. If you can't do a slideshow, a 2nd best is a few good picture boards.

Anyway, keeping this in mind I decided I wanted to throw Mom a good party that would rival a great funeral: lots of friends from years past and present and a slideshow! We had both, plus some good cake and a lot more laughing than a funeral should have. Mom was totally surprised, not only about the party, but that I was there. It was amazing and I'm still patting myself on the back!

My Besties, Traci and Jami, who came to love on my Mom and get roped in to cutting and serving cake.

Some of the Niles crew. Not nearly all of us but enough to keep the local police on their toes.

My Mom, Gigi and me.
Inserting "Wind Beneath My Wings" would be highly appropriate here.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Way to go! happy birthday Della! - Cary

Della said...

I made the blog folks, I made the blog. It isn't really about me, but I made the blog. I am in the big time now. Ye ha

Traci Piltz said...

Woo-hoo, I made the blog, too, Della. We are so cool! Love it!