Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've Been Thinking...

Bestie Traci emailed me a couple of days ago saying her Grandmother came to her son's recital and was on an oxygen tank! She couldn't believe how old her grandparents were getting and that when she brought it up to her mother she found out they were even getting Meals on Wheels. Soooooo, this got me thinking...

Why are all these fabulous things like meals on wheels and assisted living wasted on old people?

Ok, "wasted" perhaps the wrong word choice. It makes me sound like I hate old people. I don't hate old people.

My sweet Gigi recently sold her home and moved in to an assisted living apartment in the city. She seriously has her own little apartment in a 2 story building in which she has all her meals prepared for her, her laundry done for her, her apartment cleaned (even the bathroom!) and the option of having her bed made, which she does herself. They have bingo and bible studies. They have a van that takes them places like the store, the library, church. Its pretty awesome.

Am I the only 30-something here who really wants to move to an assisted living facility? Food, laundry, cleaning? It sounds like heaven instead of what it really is...the last move before heaven. (Sorry, had to go there. You know you were thinking it.)

Seriously, sign me up. Put me on a waiting list because it sounds down-right dreamy. And what if they had assisted living for young families? They could have built in kid gyms where we could all take our kids and let them play while we sit around and play pinochle and drink margaritas iced tea.

We could have Grey's Anatomy night and big facility wide Survivor pools. The van could take us wine tasting on Saturday and to church on Sunday.

I mean really, why should you have to be incontinent to have all the fun?


Jana said...

Wanna start a commune? That would probably fit the bill (although I don't know how many communes have Grey's nights!)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you crack me up!!!!!
Sign me up, I'm with ya. I don't want to wait till I'm incontinent!!!
And speaking of Gray's, I'm totally excited for tonights show but bummed out cause I'll miss them all summer

Esther D

Kim W. said...

AMEN sister, AMEN!

Mia White said...

SERIOUSLY! Alex and I have always said that we're stoked to go to one of these joints when we get older... too fun! I don't know why it has such a negative connotation??

Anonymous said...