Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its Hammer Time

Today at work it was just Bestie Maryanne and I for an hour or so and it was
terribly quiet so I decided it was the perfect time to show Maryanne some of my old high school moves.

You know, just your typical day at the office.

I kicked off my heels and let it go like it was 1994.

Maryanne was impressed. I don't think she knows many 33 year olds who can still perform the fight song.

My dress wouldn't allow me to do the splits or I swear I would have done them. The fact that I haven't done the splits in 16 years would not have stopped me.

For being just a tad chubby I am incredibly flexible.

How much do you love this picture? As you can see, I've been rocking the red lipstick for quite some time now.

Those red gloves are friggin' awesome. Seriously. All hail the Mighty Panthers.


Christy said...

All I can say is "Wow".

Anonymous said...

You ARE rockin' this cheer uniform! Compared to what they wear today, you're all modestly covered up!

Back in the day (the mid-80's) we dressed very much like you did... cute and sassy.

Now, well... thanks to Madonna and Brittney influence... not so much!

I can still do my Jr. High cleerleading fight song and nearly all of the Michael Jackson flagline rountines from Junior year in HS.

My friends think I'm a nut for still knowing it...

They DO appreciate my mind when it comes to remembering WHAT they wore to prom and who they went with... Who they were dating and why they broke up. Yeah, it's one of my skills! Will again comes in handy at our 25th reunion this August.

'Cause this is Thriller!

I'm going to Beat It!

~ Dana Campbell

... your friend who is ALL for bringing back the cute cheerleadery uniforms vs the kind that appear to need a pole to perform!

Christy said...

I read this post right before I went to bed and because this was the last thing on my mind, I had cheerleader dreams. It was especially sad since I didn't make the cheerleading team in high school. But in my dream you asked me to try out my senior year and you made sure I made the team....wink,wink. I would just like to take the time to thank you for getting me on the squad.

Mia White said...

the gloves MAKE the outfit, sister... you are rocking it. And I can still do my fight song, too, we should get together and throw down. ;)
P.S. Bethany & I went to Target today with our three crazy drama queens... what were we thinking?!? The whole time I kept thinking: Jen warned us.

Lindsey @ FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD said...

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader right? We should get together sometime and throw down a few herkies and spirit fingers. I'll start stretching for my splits!

Christy said...

Where oh where oh where is Jen? Where could Jen be?

That was my attempt to type a musical ditty. We miss you my friend!!

Valerie said...

oh this is great!! I love re-living old cheer memories :) Yep, I still remember the fight song too! love you friend!