Monday, September 13, 2010

Vanessa, If You're Reading This Please Comment...

All day long I had been planning on writing about authenticity and the journey I believe God is just starting to take me on regarding living an authentic life.

But then...
I sat down to watch the 2 hour finale of "Bachelor Pad" and any deep thoughts I had about authenticity went down the toilet with Kovacs & Elizabeth's Rumba.

So I'm just going to write. If Stream of Consciousness isn't your style then you should check out right now.

Writing is like an exercise. I've never been very good at exercise. Don't like it. I've heard stories of women who need therapy because they have an addiction to exercise. Huh? I wish I could be one of those women.

I wish I could be one of those women who had any discipline in her life whatsoever. Then, instead of watching the finale of the "Bachelor Pad" I would be sharing my thoughts about living an authentic life.

Oh well.

Here's the other thing on my mind lately. Speaking of living an authentic life...

When we first bought this house almost 7 years I had Shannon decorate the family room for me and then for my 30th birthday (gasp, years ago) she and Hot Jeff surprised me by sending me away for the day and then when I got back my kitchen and living room were painted and re-decorated. It was awesome.
Yet, as it often happens, tastes change with the passage of time. Not only have my tastes changed but I'm a little older and a bit more aware/in tune with what my tastes and likes are.

Last summer I went to this little Shabby Chic cottage sale with Cary and really liked the style. I've also always liked antique/vintage things and loved seeing that style in a contemporary setting.

So this all brings me to my discovery tonight... while in Montana last week my dearest, sweetest Aunt Kathy gave me a big sack of old doilies. Every size, shape and color and they are just beautiful!

When I started talking my love of doilies on Facebook I didn't get a lot of positive feedback. I know--shocking. Shannon is the most horrified and for that I need to make a public apology...Shannon, I love you and I love your taste but I have a great affinity for doilies and at risk of losing our friendship, I must tell you the truth, I looked online for doily decorating ideas.

The Country Living website has such cute doily decorating ideas. I am not even kidding you. It will, however, require me to redecorate and I'm going to start with my family room and dining room because Hot Jeff has been itching to repaint them anyway.

I'm quite excited about it and all of you can just suck it if you don't like it. Look at this cute can you not love it? I have really great red furniture so picture this room with my red furniture...and some awesome doilies. This first picture is a cool pillow that has a doily sewn on it and I totally am going to make one of these pillows with my Aunt Kathy doilies.

How do you even go about getting this fun look? I think it starts with paint. And throw pillows. And perhaps a hardcore built-in bookshelf. I think the keyword I'm looking for is eclectic. Anyone with me? Shannon, are you still reading? It appears I will need to get a large rug and perhaps have Samuel clean up the 137 Lightning McQueen cars.

What is that stuff on the ceiling?

I am in over my head. And I need a new label.


Christy said...

I actually clicked on your doilies link and really liked the idea using just sounds kinda fun and crafty like me and I liked the finished product.

I was just giving you a hard time friend. Embrace your inner doilies and have fun!!

I have a bunch of dainty antique handkerchiefs and haven't a clue as to what to do with them??

Jennifer said...

Christy, you should either give them to me or we should get together and have a doily crafting party.

I'm doing the vase, starched bowl and pillow.

I also have a large collection of antique handkerchiefs and have them around my house.

I heart old stuff.

Vanessa said...

WOW! My name really IS in the title! That is a first for sure! I think you should know, Jennifer, that my sister and I spent a half an hour on the phone talking about you! Like, in a giggly, "she is soooooo funny, did you see that post about Rod Stewart, she said Sweet Valley High!" kind of way! You would have thought we were teenagers (or old ladies) and you were Justin Bieber! You are a Rock Star around here! Anyway, on to the doilies...would it weird you out to know that I was thinking about your doily dilemma in the shower this morning? Yes? Ok strike that last statement.
I think that the best way to use something old and vintage is in a fresh and modern way. Like, you probably don't want to stuff the hanky's in your shirt sleeve and gross everyone out when they think about all the snot building up in there! So, my suggestion is to Frame the heck out of those doilies and hang up up on the wall! Create a grouping somewhere and use a prominent color in the background of the frame to show the details of the doily. Like, say, a black frame, red paper inside and doily stuck on top of red paper. Or white frame, black background, doily stuck on top or yellow get the idea! This would give it that vintage look but by framing and grouping them it is done in a fresh and modern way. Same with the hankys. Maybe you could do a bigger grouping with hankys, doilies, and some pretty vintage plates all hanging on a wall. Does any of this make sense? I haven't had my coffee yet so that is my excuse if you totally hate the idea! :-) I'll be thinking some more but thanks for giving me a great start to my morning!

Jennifer said...

No kidding: I have a girl crush on you.

I love your framing ideas. You totally need to come over and look at what I have and what I need. You also need to get my husband out of town for the weekend so I can paint my family room a light yellow.

You are my favorite person. And I mean that. I was just telling my friend and co worker, Maryanne DeBacker (yes, I'm at work) how you stopped me in the carousel parking lot and made me feel famous and I've been unbearable to live with ever since.

Lets get together, at my house of course, and have coffee in floral cups and talk decorating and a resurrection of the SVH books.

Are you on Facebook?

Vanessa said...

Sister, you give me free coffee in a floral cup and I'm all yours! Seriously though, name the date and time and I would love to come over and talk all things doily with you! Oh, and we could talk about other things too! :-) Email me!

jessica said...

If anyone can pull off doilies Jen I think it is you! You just got it goin' on girl so I know it will be lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lucas and I will buy ALL of those McQueen cars from Samuel :) :) :)

Esther D

Heather@ Gourmet Meals for Less said...

Hey Jennifer..psssttt...over here...I have a secret..I think Vanessa has some doilies hanging around in her house somewhere so don't let her fool you on the doilie front. She's old fashioned through and through and you can't be an old fashioned girl and not have a fondness for doilies. WIsh I could come have coffee with your two. I think we need to have a blogger get together next time I'm out that way! BTW, I think you're so cool I twittered about you the other day. ;o)

Heather...Vanessa's sister

Jennifer said...

Jessica, I heart you.

Heather, I just know I was separated at birth from you and V.

Stephanie Rodea said...

I think it's WAY cute to make them look contemporary/fresh, but I just don't like the "old lady's house" look. The pics and links you posted here are CUTE ideas!

thedebackerfam said...

Jen. I love cottage style decorating. It's cozy and homey and you can do some really fun things on the cheap. Need help? O. I thinks the stuff on the ceiling is wallpaper. Cool eh?