Monday, November 15, 2010

Move Over Fiona

If you've read this blog for very long you know that Samuel can get a little OCD sometimes. Remember when Samuel fell madly in love with Fiona from Shrek and packed a picture of her around with him for weeks and weeks?

He and Fiona must have broken up because his affections have shifted. Yep, move over Fiona and make room for Liesl. As in 16-Going-on-17 Liesl.

We're big fans of Sound of Music over here at 5630 and while I am just gaga over the Captain, Samuel has his eyes on the lovely Soprano, Liesl vonTrapp.

In classic Samuel style, he has asked me to put her picture on the computer desktop and he sits there dreamily all day long singing to her and reading books to her.

On the thankful tree we're making he says he's thankful for Liesl almost every day and when he walks by the tree he caresses the leaves that have her name on them tenderly.

Tonight about 20 minutes after I had put him to bed he came bouncing downstairs and said, "I will go to bed in just a minute but I just have to ask you you think you can find me a Liesl doll?" I replied, "Oh buddy, I don't know if I will be able to find one." He quickly cut me off and said, "Just work on it, Mom."


Anyone know where I can get a Liesl doll?


Christy said...

Check ebay. Madame Alexander use to make them and I'm sure you can find one there.

Anonymous said...

looks like they will only run you $110-$150 - ouch!
your crazy life never ceases to amaze me!

Jennifer said...

I saw those Madame Alexander dolls on Ebay too but he'll never go for one of those (thankfully). He wants the Charmaine Carr (or whatever her name is) version.

I thought I may find like a Liesl/Charmaine Barbie-type doll but no luck.

Anonymous said...

Just print a picture of her and laminate it like you did with Fiona

Christy said...

I miss you friend :)