Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make Someone's Day or Get Sick & Watch a Movie

Today Al came out of his office and told me he wanted to get rich off my blog. He said he is going to start looking for "investors" and then get my writings published. We went off on a tangent about it but in the end he said how much he enjoyed reading it. It was a great compliment and made my day.

It got me thinking, if a little bit of praise can make my day, what can a little bit of praise from me do for Hot Jeff? My Besties? My co-workers? My neighbors? The lady at the bank? The checker at Safeway?

From Day One of having babies we're told how important it is to praise and compliment them so we do it all the time and most of our kids are going to grow up with super inflated egos healthy self images but what if we did this with people we came in contact with all day long?

It takes no effort at all to tell someone you like their hair or that's a cute shirt or your yard looks nice or I think you're a great mom, friend, sister, hair dresser. We all need a pat on the back; we all like to be told that someone else thinks we're funny or pretty or smart or talented, right?

Hot Jeff can say whatever he wants but I know he likes being called "Hot Jeff".

On an unrelated note, sort of, I saw Salon Sara on Monday and Slutty Vixen is back baby! If you call my house and I don't answer its probably because I'm out hitting on your husband. Oh yeah, I've got the super dark tresses going and am loving it!

Who LOVES Anne of Green Gables? Don't you love it when Anne asks Diana for a lock of her "black tresses" and Diana replies, "I don't have any black dresses". Oh my I love that movie. I can't wait for Emily to get a little bit older and get a bad case of the flu so we can sit on the couch all weekend long and watch all 8 hours of Green Gables and Avonlea. Seriously, best.movies.ever. The other great sick-on-the-couch-sick-for-3-days is Lonesome Dove.

What movie do you always watch when you're sick? Who are you going to compliment today?


jana said...

I always wanted to watch "Pride and Prejudice" (the BBC, Colin Firth, 5-hour spectacular) with my daughter like my mom and I did. Unless Finn is a very special boy (who has some pretty serious mama-issues) I doubt I'll ever get him to sit down and watch that one with me :)

By the way, I've always found you to be very intentional with compliments with your friends. Your post is a great reminder to be purposeful with those random people we meet at any given time. And I totally understand feeling good about a compliment from my dad. He gives good ones :)

jana said...

Oh, man. I ended both paragraphs with a smiley face. Lame! What is it? 2003?

Red said...

We are Bosom Buddies...I always would watch Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Haven't watched them in many years because my parents have them on VHS, and I haven't had a reason to get them on DVD yet...Tobin doesn't quite share my same sentiment!

Traci Piltz said...

Lonesome Dove! Whenever I think of it, I remember watching it when we were both sick, and your mom made us hot Jell-O to drink and we spilled it on the carpet and I thought she was going to ring our necks. (One of many times LOL)