Monday, February 7, 2011

The Devil Lives in Cone Lunges

I made it to Boot Camp today. I got my butt handed to me on a sweaty platter. Oddly it felt wonderful. Thankfully my pants were black.

What is it about that class that is so addictive? I wish I knew so I could cut it out and go back to sleeping in. My arm held out great--thank You Jesus. There is something to be said about adrenaline and every other part of your body being on fire to make the pain in your arm dissipate.

On an unrelated note, Molly died. Seriously. Why can't this family keep a hamster alive? I swear I am doing everything right yet this is the second one to die after having her for only 6 weeks. Even though we all seemed to be a lot more attached to Molly than Riley there weren't as many tears. In fact, there weren't any tears at all up until I told Samuel we weren't going to get another hamster. Hot Jeff piped in and said we could get a dog. What??? A dog? Why would I add a 3rd factor in to the ruin-Jen's-carpet equation?

On another unrelated note, I am having my sleep evaluated tonight at Willamette Sleep Center. I have to be there at 7pm--that's like a whole 3 hours before I go to bed! It sounds positively delightful. The rooms are so cozy and there is a big TV and wireless internet. Sounds dreamy to me--I'll probably sleep wonderfully and they'll tell me there's nothing wrong with me. More to come on the sleep study experience for sure!

So on this sunny Monday morning I am thankful for sleep studies and friends who are holding me accountable. What are you thankful for today?


Dana Campbell said...

Sleep studies are WORTH it!

The first part you're in a nice hotelish room. You OWN the remote!

Jen, if you do end up with a C-Pap, you will be grateful for the restful sleep you finally get.

It takes a bit to get used to wearing a c-pap mask, but there are several styles to choose from.

The fabric one I am currently using is so much more comfortable in comparison to the one they will use on you tonight.

I've used three masks styles over three years. If you want to discuss the pros and cons of each, I'm your girl.

~ Dana

Jen said...

Today I'm thankful for my 4 year old daughter, encouraging me to get out of pajamas and do something with my day. Otherwise I might just play games on her webkinz account until it's time to go get the boys!