Thursday, April 14, 2011

Calling All People Who Are the Opposite of Me

You know who you are. Your name may rhyme with Vanessa, Shannon, Kara or Mia. You have a place for everything and you keep your home running with well oiled systems. You meal plan, you use crock pots, you read "Real Simple."

I'm not very good at asking for help. I'm not sure I know anyone who is but I'm going to bite the bullet and ask for help. And I'm going to see if the "help" can't come in one day or two and it be kind of fun because we're all together and making fun of how I ever survived these last 34 (gasp) years.

So who is in?

I'm thinking we (me and everyone who has gifts/talents that I don't and who needs a project) meet at my house and we start with some before pictures. Then you give me some good ideas of how to get organized, you give me ideas for systems and storage. We sit down and you teach me the art of meal planning (not freezer cooking--meal planning) and then we drink some wine. Then you either stay and help me get organized or you go home and wait for me to post pictures online or we drink some more wine. Or mix margaritas. If your name rhymes with Karen or Cary and you need help just as bad as I do then you can come over and mix the drinks and and drink with us and kick yourself because you didn't think of this first.

I'm a genius.

Who is in?


Cary said...

Hey, I'm not in the slightest organized and I may be nominated for that hoarders show but I am a rock solid meal planner I tell you what. And I can't mix drinks to save my life but I can imbibe. :) Let me know when and I'll be there! Love you friend!

Lori said... name doesn't rhyme with any of those, but I have survived the raising of four children and lived to tell the tale. I'm such a good meal planner that I'm now doing penance by living on Medifast foods and if organizing your closet by color and always having a Goodwill box being filled in the basement counts as being "organized" I'd be glad to help out. School is done for me after May 7th and my world will calm a bit. Let me know!

Mia White said...

I'm in :)

Laura Fenske said...

I would love to come, and learn.

At The Picket Fence said...

I will happily just mix margaritas!! Meal planning??? My idea of meal planning is waiting until 4:30 rolls around then racing into the kitchen and flinging open the pantry and refrigerator doors, quickly taking inventory then racing to the computer to plug in ingredients to the food and hope it spits out something that my children won't in turn spit out! There you go, my friend...Meal Planning 101 a la Vanessa! :-)

Now, get some wine or a margarita in me and I can talk decorating till the cows come home (you may even end up with some cow motifs in your decor if you give me too much to drink...I'm just sayin') so count me in for that part!

chris said...

im cracking up vanessa... i am the same way. i want to enjoy cooking, i just dont. my family sure loves it.. i mean really appreciates it. ive always thought it was kinda weird because ive always felt i did it because i was obligated to!
invest in a electric pressure cooker. it even does frozen stuff. wouldnt live without one.

Kim W. said...

I want to come even though my name doesn't rhyme! Sounds fun!

Jcmommy2 said...

Jen is this open for people to come learn. I swear paper, breeds at my house like rabbits and I dont know what to do about it.

Vanessa I love the idea of plugging in ingredients and it giving out recipes without having to go buy ingredients you dont have. That is very cool

Jenny Carpenter

Katy M. said...

Oh! I can help with some of those subjects. And I would love to learn from others.