Thursday, November 20, 2008

2nd Annual Campbell-Henderson Trip to the Zoo

You may be asking, "The zoo is so close and so fun, why don't you go together more than just once a year?" The answer is simple: because there is only so much celexa a girl can take in one day and in order to take our 5 kids more than once a year our doctors would need to prescribe more and apparently they are unwilling to do that.

The plan was to leave Shannon's house at 12:30 so we arrived at 11:45 to provide ample time to install my 2 carseats. Good thing as it took Shannon's husband, Drew, Shannon and myself over 45 minutes to put my 2 car seats and her 3 boosters in the van. Can you say, "retarded"? Check out Kate's seat (between Jackson and Emily), when she sees this picture in 15 years she will be convinced we were trying to kill her. Drew, known for his dead sexiness and not his political correctness waved from the driveway and cautioned, "Drive careful as that thing is as about as safe as an Indian bus". Thanks Chief.

We consider the trip a success for the following reasons:
1) We came and left with 5 kids
2) No major meltdowns (by kids at least, Shannon had a small one in the bat cave but recovered quickly
3) Only 3 out of 5 kids got spankings (can you guess the 3?)

Indian Bus...

Bad sign for things to come when they wouldn't even hold still long enough for a picture at the gate

Hot Zoo Mama's

Emily: always our favorite as she can't talk back or run away

Monkeys looking at Sea Lions

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you are TOO funny!