Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beaver Mania
Our Beavers are only one win away from the Rose Bowl! We had our friend Eric and his son, Levi, over for the game Saturday night! What a game! Hot Jeff recorded the game and, no lie, has watched it about 20 times! Hot Jeff is so funny; he's so excited for Saturday's game he's having trouble sleeping. Another tidbit about Hot Jeff: he and his Mom drove to Eugene at midnight Sunday morning to greet the team! They followed their buses to Corvallis and Victor Strong-Butler (pictured below) hugged Cheryl! I love the picture below because Hot Ryan Gunderson (not as hot as Hot Jeff) is also in the picture (orange shirt & headset). I was so proud of Jeff and Cheryl's Sunday morning stalk because it reminded me of 2000 after another Arizona win when we drove to Corvallis and met the team (a long standing Henderson tradition after big Beaver wins). Of course this was the fateful night I first met my one true love and quarterback at the time, Jonathan Smith (#9). Long live the Beavers!

Pasadena here we come!

Samuel and Levi in Levi's really flippin' cool Beaver hat!

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