Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Potty Post
Big news at the Henderson house...Samuel pooped in the potty last night! If you were not fortunate to get our 7:00 "hooie" phone call it went down like this:

6:00 Bathtime w/ Em.
6:30 Dry off. Daddy says, "Do you want to try and go poop on the potty?" Samuel says "yes!"
6:35 Still sitting.
6:40 Still sitting.
6:45 Daddy asks Samuel if he would like a book (I love that).
6:50 Mommy is done feeding and putting Em down and asks, "you're still on the potty?"
6:55 Poop happens!!
7:00 Excited phone calls to Nana, Grammy & Papa!!
7:35 Trip with Daddy to get promised ice cream cones!

Today has been a good day; only two accidents and one was at the library and probably my fault as I should have just kept him home all day to work on it. Tomorrow will be a hard day too as we have Hearts in the a.m. We're making progress though--hooie!!

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Dena said...

Hooie!!! my new go-to word!