Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fort
Sssh, we skipped church this morning. Daddy was studying and we heard there was a guest pastor (need I say more?). After breakfast Samuel asked if we could build a fort. Samuel knows that one of Mommy's very special talents is fort building; I have built many a fort in my day with cousins Jeff & Kristi at Gigi's house and I'm known in these parts for my fort building abilities. We got the necessary supplies: kitchen chairs, couch cushions, throw pillows and large but fairly light quilts (too heavy and the ceiling sags). Samuel also felt it quite necessary to carry around his dad's measuring tape; he is so wise in his fort-building-measuring-skills.

Alas, I give you "Fort" (it's so awesome it doesn't even need more than a simple name; just like Oprah and Everest...)

Neighbors were coming by and peering through the windows; they stood and stared in wonder

Inside the inpenetrable fort

Not so comes Daddy

Work crew posing for a picture before they have story time INSIDE the fort (note measuring tape in Samuel's hand; I think he'll make me proud one day with his fort building skills).


Chris, Stephanie & Brayden said...

you are just too funny! I love your description and enthusiasm! lol I love reading your posts!!

Rafferty Family said...

Jen, stop blogging and go to bed!

Abigail's mommy