Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby, Its Cold Inside
At 4:30 on Sunday the lights gave a flicker and by 4:45 they were out. With a few minutes of daylight left we rounded up our candles and lanterns and hunkered down for what we expected could be a long time without power. We knew we were one house of about 28,000!

28 hours after the electricity found its way back to our walls I'm almost a little disappointed. It ended up being this huge blessing in disguise as Hot Jeff and I loved the time to totally decompress. No phones (limited cell usage as we were trying to conserve the battery), no TV, no internet and limited radio (we turned it on for the occasional weather update and some Christmas music). It was a great time to play with the kids, read, visit, (I hemmed some of Roo's pants--so very Little House on the Prairie) and sleep. Thankfully we have a gas stove so we could cook and by remaining bundled up we stayed pretty comfortable.

Samuel did get restless and missed his morning Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but it was so fun to watch his imagination run wild and have him pull us into the scenarios because we weren't doing laundry, on the computer, watching a game or talking on the phone. It was a wonderful lesson to Hot Jeff and me to slow down and play with our kids!

Now I know the June Cleaver-ness of it all would get old (and it was starting to); I'm terribly thankful to have my washer and dryer today and when I turned Mickey on this morning Samuel exclaimed, "Jesus fixed our tv" so don't get me wrong we're thankful to have power again...I'm just saying, those times when we're forced to slow down can be a wonderful blessing and a reminder our lives could use a little re-prioritizing.


Changing a diaper in the dark with a head lamp to light the way (the flash makes it look much lighter than it really was!)

Temporary refrigerator

Samuel asleep with his Beaver stocking cap on

Roo bundled in her bed--so cozy


Sara Kane said...

Jen, you rock! Also, I'm really glad Jesus fixed your tv :)

Dena said...

oh so cozy, i miss winter already.