Saturday, December 27, 2008

Roo's First Christmas

Ok, so I'm only 10 months old and this is my first time doing this but I'm pretty sure that Christmas is the best day EVER! Are you kidding me? We wake up, go downstairs and there are presents all over the place? There were the biggest socks I've ever seen and they were loaded with goodies: animal crackers, baby dolls, crayons, play doh...yowza! I've never seen Samuel so excited in my life; he was jumping around going from present to present and Mama and Daddy were letting him eat the candy out of his big sock! He never gets to eat candy before breakfast!

Samuel got a big kitchen (just like Mama's) and I got a choo-choo train that I can walk behind! Samuel is a little confused though and thinks its his; he's very good about sharing my toys but not so much his. Maybe next year Samuel will get some manners for Christmas, jeez.

All week long Mama had been telling us that we were going to be celebrating Baby Jesus' birthday so I was kind of expecting cake... Daddy says we can celebrate Christmas in our hearts all year long and I like that idea. Samuel does too because Christmas is over but he still sings "Happy Birthday" to Jesus all day long.

So like I said earlier, I'm new at this but I'm pretty sure that Christmas, and especially the part about celebrating our Savior's birth is pretty awesome. Can you imagine how happy the whole world would be if they kept the joy of Christmas day in their hearts all year long? And I know I'm little and no one listens to me but maybe you big people could remember baby Jesus' birthday a little better if cake was involved. Just a suggestion.

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Dena said...

Merry Christmas!!!! i want some cake too!