Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Jammy Dream Come True
There are few material things in this world that I love more than Christmas jammies! I buy them at the first of December and let Samuel & Roo wear them all month long! While at Freddy's tonight I saw Carter's Christmas jammies for 50% off! I bought a 4T and 2T for next year and get out: they are matching!! Adding to my sheer joy, when I got to the counter they were an additional 25% off and and ended up being only $5 each! How flippin' sweet is that? So not only will I get to torture my children with pictures of them in matching Christmas jammies for years and years to come but I even got them for a bargain. I've also learned a new trick: always buy next year's Christmas jammies during this year's after-Christmas sale. Genius. You couldn't beat this with a stick!

I proudly give you: Christmas Jammies '09