Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!
Like most people the start of the new year has me thinking about changes I'd like to see or continue in my life, ok...resolutions. I thought that I may have a pretty good chance at keeping mine if I put them on my blog and have some sense of accountability to all of you. A good thing about this is if I fail I can blame it on all of you. Genius.

  • Deepen my relationship with Christ through an enriched prayer life; read 2 guides I have in mind on prayer
  • Be more patient with Samuel & Emily and be a good example of "speaking kindly"
  • Be a source of encouragement and comfort to Hot Jeff; make his home a haven where he loves to come home to after long days at work
  • Be supportive and positive as Hot Jeff embarks on the CPA exam prep course that is 9 months long!
  • Lose the "second 30" by Samuel's birthday (4.12) with Weight Watchers and tae bo (thanks for the great example Shannon)
  • Read more fiction
  • Listen to (and follow) the promptings of the Holy Spirit (thanks for the encouragement Jen Roth)

On an unrelated topic but blog worthy nevertheless, today I heard Darius Rucker's new single, It Won't Be Like This For Long. It is such a beautiful song and made me think of Hot Jeff and Emily. After the kids went to bed tonight I put the song to a slide show of all of our favorite pictures of the kids and watched it with Hot Jeff. We both had tears streaming down our faces as the lyrics resonated in our hearts. Make a promise to yourself that you'll hug your kids many times during the day; tell them you love them, tell them you are proud of them, cherish each day; they really won't be little for long. Actually, do this with everyone you love; live a life with no regrets.

11:55pm on the last night of 2008;
5th annual Campbell-Henderson New Years Celebration

Much earlier in the evening...
the kids and the dog busting up our game of Settlers

Best buddies:
Cross-dressing Batman and Robyn

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