Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The midgets are both on antibiotics! We were at Dr. Baskin's yesterday for Samuel's strep and in there again today for Emily's double ear infection...seriously! Meal times are like one big doping session.

I open this post with that so you'll know my frame of mind as this story unfolds...we went to Fred Meyer to pick up Emily's prescription and it wasn't ready. We mulled around for 30 minutes and during that time I made the fatal mistake of heading down the toy aisle. I still needed one more present for M and I thought it would be fun for Samuel to pick it out. Not so much. His eyes caught a Mickey doll (exactly like the one he has at home) and he had to have it. In his loudest, most obnoxious voice he kept saying, "I need a new Mickey. My Mickey too dirty at home. I need a clean Mickey". He is so delusional...not only is his Mickey perfectly clean but I was not going to give in to him when he was acting like such a lunatic at Freddys.

So we check out, go pick up the prescription and head to the car--the whole time he's repeating how he needs a clean Mickey, blah, blah, blah. As I begin loading him into the car he starts ranting, "This not my carseat...I no go home in this carseat...this not my carseat", to which I lovingly reply, "This is your carseat now stop talking to me; I am tired of hearing your voice". Of course he replies with, "This not my carseat...I no go home in this carseat"; I continue to tune Rain Man out and put M in her seat, run the cart back and get in the driver's seat. As I look back on them I notice something odd: Emily is front facing and Samuel is rear facing. I had put them in the wrong carseats! Poor Samuel's knees were crammed up into his neck and he was still repeating, "This not my carseat...I no go home in this carseat". At this point I burst out laughing and apologized to Rain Man for not listening to him. I switched them around and by this time Samuel was laughing at me laughing and asked if I would leave him in "M's seat" and call him "Baby Samuel". I'm telling you, the kid is nuts! The best part about him being nuts--he gets it from his mother!!

I wonder what Dr. Baskin could prescribe for me? I hope it tastes like bubble gum.


Anonymous said...

I shared this story with Teddy today when we were out eating lunch and he cracked up! Your little ones are so cute!

Can't wait until Monday when your "praying for your children" starts.

Mary Rose

Traci said...

Very funny. We had a birthday party on Saturday and I made the same mistake of thinking that it would be "fun" to let Jonah pick out his friend Justin's gift. Um ... taking a 5-year-old to the Walmart toy aisle two weeks before Christmas ... not so much. It ended with him laying on the ground, kicking his feet telling me I am a "mean mommy". What's that song again - "It's the most wonderful time ... of the year ... la,la,la ... " :)