Sunday, December 7, 2008

So sad...
Tonight I got so excited to post pictures of Hot Jeff putting up Christmas lights, our midget Christmas tree, a picture of Hot Jeff & me before Martinis & Mistletoe last night (a picture in which I looked way hot in...I was wearing red lipstick...) and then with the push of some random, very bad button, they were gone. Deleted from the camera and not downloaded into Picasa. I've searched all over my hard drive and hidden files in my camera and they are gone. I'm so disappointed I could cry. There were super sweet pictures of the kids playing in front of the tree this morning and did I mention how hot I looked all dressed up last night?

So sad for me, so sad for you because I know you all wanted to see pictures of Hot Jeff on a ladder and my beautiful children clammering around our midget tree. Fortunately someone got a picture of us at the party and emailed it to me. Its not a great picture of Hot Jeff but its not a bad one of me.

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Dena said...

hey, that's my picture.