Friday, January 30, 2009

One of my very favorite things is having breakfast for dinner. Tonight Mama exclaimed, "I'm tired of chicken, let's have breakfast"! I let out a "hooie" because I knew a buffet of my favorite things was sure to follow: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, hashbrowns, toast...

Daddy said since we were getting all crazy and having breakfast for dinner we should have some jelly on our toast, even though it was pretty close to bedtime and they usually put the kabash on sugar too close too bed! Emmy and I loved it! We loved it so much we gave up on the toast and just started licking it off like a sucker! Roo had never had jelly before and she loved it so much she rubbed some in her hair to eat later--pretty clever!

Strawberry Samuel
Rasberry Roo


Anonymous said...

Those jelly faces are adorable. Bet their "Nana" would love to kiss their little jelly chins. Precious little ones you have there.

Abigail and Katie's Meme

Dena said...

breakfast for dinner, the best comfort food.