Friday, January 30, 2009

Pigs in a Blanket--Update
Upon writing the first post my leftie felt much, much better. However, rightie continued to swell, throb, burn, be tender to the touch, etc. Dr. Morgan said I was well on my way to having an abscess (that would need to be surgically drained!) and advised to take a hot shower, drain it completely using a pump and put me on antibiotics immediately at 8:30 last night. I love that woman...

Thanks be to Jehovah Rophe (and Dr. Morgan. and Maryanne for letting me have the pump that I had just sold her back.) my rightie is almost 100% better this morning! How crazy is that? Dr. Morgan said it would be at least a day or two. I know God put His healing hand on me to bring some relief; just having the seat belt on yesterday about sent me to the moon. Thanks to all my dear friends, especially Jenny Carpenter, for the advice and well wishes.

Tuesdays with Traci
Starting this coming Tuesday, my cousin Traci (who you all know as Bug) will begin doing a guest blog on this site. In turn I will be doing one on hers. Bug's topics will include gardening, couponing, spiritual musings, etc. (and perhaps maybe even a good "Jen" story every now and then). Bug and I lived together in a run down trailer while in college at MSU. Good times. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Chris and two daughters Abigail and Katie. We meet in Montana every Spring with our 4 children and without our husbands. We completely take over my Mom's 1200 square foot house; last year Emily literally slept in a dresser drawer! Our kids are all 1 year apart and adore each other; God has given them a special closeness and love for each other despite the miles between us and that we only see each other once a year. Bug is much more like a sister to me than a cousin and I know you will love her funny writing style and her amazing, Godly insight on being a wife, mother and child of the King.


raffertymomma said...

Looking forward to getting some feedback from all your peeps in the OR.

Thanks for the update on your boobs. I'm glad that after just 12 hours they've perked right up. :) Now they can become like the rest of the mommies and start sagging again.

kim w. said...

hooray for healed ta ta's!! looking forward to bug on your blog. now i can stalk her too! hee hee hee