Monday, February 23, 2009

Emmy Roo's 1st Birthday
I turned 1 yesterday and if you thought I was fabulous before...well you should see me now! I'm all "Hey, I'm 1 and can eat honey without getting botulism so you better watch out". My family threw me a bash and I got presents and cake and a new dress to wear! Oh yeah! I thought Thanksgiving was good; well it's got nothin' on first birthdays. One question: can anyone tell me why Samuel got presents? Are we so worried about his feelings that we're not going to make it perfectly clear whose day it is? I'm not ok with this. Well, unless it means I get a present or two in April when he turns 3?? If that's the case, I can make an adjustment.

Me, my Mama and my Daddy. Don't I look just like my Daddy?

Lovin' the party scene

My cake: made by Mama!!

Presents!! Hooie!!



Fruitful Labor said...

Actually I think you look just like your Mommy! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Dena said...

happy birthday, roo. did you save me some cake?