Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi, Remember Me?
Hi dear friends. I am sorry I haven't been posting lately. Last week was crazy with sick kids and this week my Mom is here visiting.

All is well in the Henderson house and I have a sassy new haircut to show off. Thank you for checking back here so faithfully, especially on Praying Mondays. I'll get some good, new stuff up here soon. I have some exciting stuff to share on a babysitting co-op so check back late next week.

If you're checking this between now and tomorrow before 10:00am please say a prayer for me as I'm speaking to a group of moms at my church on a topic dear to my heart: praying for your kids. I'm excited and nervous and happy God is using me. I hope Mommies are blessed and He is glorified.

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Fruitful Labor said...

I was missing you. I looked through and it was mainly "Tuesdays with Traci". Your blog is called 'All Things Henderson' not 'All Things Rafferty'. :) Just giving you a bad time.