Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If you run in the Facebook crowd you know the 25 Random Things About Me is all the rage. If you read this blog you know I write a guest post on my cousin Bug's blog every Tuesday. Since she is not on Facebook and since I was lagging in topic ideas I wrote a 25 Random Things About Bug and slapped it on there for her readers. It was a big hit. She wanted to know if I had written one about myself to which I said: "of course". I really drew the "or" in "course" out. Like this: "of coooorrrrse". If you don't run in the Facebook crowd or somehow missed mine I give it to you now. :)

25 Random Things About Moi, Your Blog Master
1. If my house were on fire I would save my kids, my cat and Ruby our laptop.
2. I met Jeff in Alaska at a fishing camp.
3. I think my friend Kim has great breasts.
4. I used to have really great breasts...before 2 kids nursed on them for a combined 18 months.
5. I think men with stylish glasses are sexy.
6. My husband doesn't wear glasses but is way dead sexy.
7. I want to write book reviews for Oprah's magazine.
8. When Emily is a little older and Samuel is in school I plan on going to nursing school.
9. I LOVE Grey's Anatomy.
10. There is one person in my life who I still haven't been able to forgive (but am still trying).
11. I've never done any kind of drugs.
12. I like to smoke clove cigarettes (but haven't since having Samuel).
13. I typically vote Democrat although raised by a Republican.
14. I was a candy striper. Striper, not stripper.
15. I cried the first time I ever saw Elton John in concert. I love him.
16. I spent a summer in India.
17. I am the 4th woman in my family to have the middle name, "May". Baby Emily is the 5th.
18. I hate being pregnant but love giving birth.
19. Coffee and quiet libraries make me have to go poop.
20. I love to drink Diet Coke in the morning. I think its the carbonation.
21. If something ever news-worthy happens to me I will give the Today show the first interview but only if it is with Matt Lauer.
22. I love celebrity gossip magazines.
23. Speaking of which, Jennifer Lopez and I delivered our babies (her Max & Emmy and my Emily) on the same day: February 22nd. My friend Traci called me while I was being admitted to tell me JLo had delivered hers by C-Section.
24. I don't have any tonsils.
25. I love tulips. I had them in my wedding and Jeff always gets them for me for our anniversary.


Fruitful Labor said...

Aww, that's very sweet. I thought you'd have crazy stories about yourself. Okay, I was going to write some dirt for your readers but I'll be good. There is one thing you forgot - coffee, quiet libraries, and ME make you go poop.

Fruitful Labor said...

I think I need to clarify. Talking to me on the phone makes you go. :) You and I know what I was talking about but no one else would have.

Just like conversations with my husband, I know what I'm talking about but he has to sort through my words to figure out what I'm actually trying to say.

Jennifer said...

Oh Bug...you are so funny. YOu make me laugh. And poop.

Fruitful Labor said...

Everyone has to have a gift.

kim w. said...

i love tulips and had them in my wedding too! and i promise you my boobs aren't that great! but thanks anyway!! ha ha

Dena said...

i think this was the first post i ever read of yours...love it still. walmart makes me poop. :o)

Dena said...

and oh my gosh, i just read what buggie said, too funny. conversations with my mom on the phone ALWAYS makes me go poop. she loves it when she hears the toilet flush and i say, thanks mama, i needed that! :o0