Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Both Exits, No Waiting
Call it the flu. Call it the pre-cleanse cleanse. Call it a slow death.

Friday night Samuel woke up with a 103.3 fever and was totally sidelined by Saturday morning. By noon on Sunday I had the fever and the gastrointestinal party that comes with it. By Monday Hot Jeff was feeling crummy and was fighting us for the bathroom by Tuesday morning.

I know hyperbole is my favorite rhetorical device but trust me when I say I can't remember ever being more sick than I have the last 3 days. I'm happy to report I haven't had any "action" in over 4 hours and I kept one half of a baked potato down. I'm thinking recovery is within my reach.

Samuel has had a great day of keeping food down and a little bit of energy return. Hot Jeff is still a mess and I expect he'll be out at least for another day. Here's the miracle: Emily has not gotten it at all! With Emily's already weakened immune system a flu like this could be very serious. I'm astonished by and thankful for God's protection of Emily.

So it goes without saying but the 14 day cleanse/detox has been postponed. We do, however, have a "wonderful" jump start on it! I've lost 7 pounds since Sunday. That's crazy. Sister in law Jodi has been quoting "The Devil Wears Prada" to me and saying that she's just one good case of stomach flu away from her goal weight. I'm like 9 stomach flu cases away and not sure I really want to go that route but I appreciate that at least there is a bright side to my near death experience.

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Dena said...

so sorry you're not feeling well, totally remembering having a family of four going through the 'exit problem' in a one bathroom house. not fun. had to laugh at the 'one stomach flu away from my goal weight', i've always said i want to go buy a parasite to help me out. maybe not.