Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greek Word "Peace"--PYKM Update

The gracious Steve Fowler (pastor at SAC) answered our/my question on the word peace. Here is the explanation from his email...

The word peace (eirene) in Greek means peace, harmony, tranquility; safety, welfare, health; often with an emphasis on a lack of strife. In the Galatians passage it is used as a noun. The passage in Romans is the same Greek word but it’s found in it’s in verb form (eireneuo). So, basically it is the same meaning but in the Romans passage it is being lived out.

Thank you Steve (I'm quite certain he reads this blog first thing in the morning, just like Bestie Kim).

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bestie kim said...

oh ya sister, it is 7:55 am and i am perched here with my coffee enjoying your fabulous blog!!! love you!!